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December 21, 2022
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December 21, 2022

Putty Filler & Wood Glue

Wessbond Putty Filler

Wessbond Putty Filler is most suitable for filling interior cracks and holes, leveling uneven surfaces and can also be used to texture wallboard surfaces and laminate wallboard to an existing surface such as old plaster, masonry or gypsum wallboard. Paintable in 30 minutes, non-shrink and easy to sand. It is fast drying and easy to apply.

Wesbond Wood Filler

A ready mixed filler for interior woodwork and furniture. Wessbond Wood Filler is fast drying and easy to apply. Used mainly as wood filler, grain filler, crack filler and edge filler. When dry, it can be painted, stained, sanded, drilled and sawn.

Wessbond White Glue/ Wood Glue

PVA woodworking glue, formulated for use on all kinds of wooden surfaces. The Wood Glue dries fast to a clear, strong and waterresistant film.

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