February 8, 2022
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Flooring Adhesive
August 2, 2021

Adhesives & Specialty Business Unit

Adhesives & Specialty Business Unit (ASBU)

Adhesives & Specialty Business Unit (ASBU) is one of the most faster growing business unit in Nan Pao Chemical company. Nan Pao Chemical are market leader for specialty adhesive products in Taiwan and continue to growth across Asia, Asia Pacific and ASEAN. Specialty adhesive products range from Polyurethane Reactive (PUR), Hot Melt PUR, Epoxy, Solvent-based and Water-based are supplied to various industries like textiles, furniture / wood working, food & beverage, personal cares and household products。 RLA Malaysia is providing the sales & services for all Nan Pao Group Specialty Adhesive products into Malaysia market.

Product Category
  • Solvent Based Contact Adhesive
  • Epoxy Adhesive
  • Water based Adhesive
  • Hotmelt Adhesive
  • PUR Based Adhesive
  • PU Based Adhesive

V-SR1086 Sprayable Contact Adhesive 18L

  • Low viscosity, middle solid content and easy to spray
  • High Initial and final bonding strength
  • Best bonding strength after heating

HM-4901 Hotmelt Adhesive 20Kgs (Pet Bottle Labelling)

  • HM-4901 is a a permanent grade hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive designed for soft drinks PET bottle for the PVC, BOPP labelling application.
  • This product provides adhesion to a variety of substrates, has excellent die cutting properties

V-PN175 3Kgs And V-PU218 18Kgs Two Part PU Adhesive Flexible Packaging

  • V-PU218 / V-PN175 is a two component (2K), Solvent based (EAC), polyurethane adhesive designed for laminating flexible films for use in packaging

VNP-920AB Epoxy Adhesive 1Kg & 1Kg for Furniture

  • Excellent adhesion to various metals, pottery, stone, glass, wood, bamboo, cement, rubber and other materials.
  • Adhesion of various Machinery tools, electronic parts and sports equipment.
  • Production and repair of decorations, art crafts and household items.

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