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December 21, 2022
February 8, 2022

General Adhesive

Wessbond Super Glue
Super Glue (Cyanoacrylate Adhesive)

Super Glue is a powerful, fast-setting, colourless adhesive, which dries in seconds. It bonds non-porous surfaces such as metals, rubber, ceramic, wood and most plastics. Ideal for use on small areas where a strong bond is required. Tensile strength up to a high 210 kg per sq cm.

Wessbond CA-1494
(Super Glue for Wood Industry)

Wessbond CA-1494 is a low viscosity (2-5pcs), extremely high cure Speed, single component Adhesives most suitable for wood working and furniture industries.

Wessbond White Glue
(Pvac. Emulsion)

Specially formulated for bonding all types of wood and paper. The white Glue dries fast (approx. 10-15 mins) to a clear, strong and water resistance film. Non-flammable and safe for children. Most suitable for students, general household and industrial works.

Wessbond Contact Adhesive

The solvent-based WESSBOND CONTACT ADHESIVE is a contact adhesive with high viscosity, long open time and high bonding strength that bonds with pressure on both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. Ideal for use on laminated plastic, wood, leather, rubber, metal, canvas, cork and hardboard etc.

Wessbond Plastic Rubber & Shoe Adhesive

PR-62 is a strong, flexible Polyurethane adhesive, especially for D.I.Y repair jobs. Ideal for bonding rubber, leather, EVA, PU leather, PVC, nylon and cloth. Bonds are water proof, heat and weather resistant. Suitable for applications on rubber boots, leather bags and shoes etc.

Wessbond Magic Nails

WESSBOND MAGIC NAILS construction adhesive is a high strength, professional quality adhesive specially formulated to eliminate much of the nailing required for construction purposes. This adhesive provides high strength, water resistant bond to a wide variety of materials, including wood, flooring panels, plaster board, polystyrene and urethane foam, masonry, aluminium, galvanized iron, steel, concrete, fibrous cement sheeting, ceramics, hardwood, rubber, some plastics and glass.

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